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Features and Benefits


The Opera range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of installers.
It features numerous innovations, such as the patented Hoist-a-matic® and Accu-cam®, which make installation and maintenance easier, quicker, and safer.


Easy to Install and Maintain:

  • The compact, rigid and lighter design makes mounting easier.
  • The rounded angles of the frame, a built-in carrying handle and and enlarged control box cover provide easy and efficient handling during installation.
  • The control box may be lifted on most models, allowing for easy access to extended mounting holes and mechanical parts.
  • The bright yellow control box provides better visibility when working with internal components.

Easy to Adjust:               

  • The patented Accu-cam® feature allows for precise and quick one-handed limit setting adjustments.
  • The clutch is easily accessible for adjustment from the outside.

Easy to Wire:

  • A hinged control box cover has a stable opened position which allows for easy access.
  • The terminal strip is angled for easy connection.
  • A fuse protected 24VAC output is available on the terminal strip for accessory power supply connection.


Easy Manual Operation:

  • The patented Hoist-a-matic® is a self-engaging hoist with one-step operation, allows for easy manual operation since there is no need for a floor level disconnect.
  • An electrical interlock automatically disconnects the power to the motor operator when the chain hoist is engaged.

Mechanical Braking System:

  • The mechanical reduction system is designed to function as both a stopping and a holding brake. The system does not require any maintenance or adjustment during the operator's lifetime.
Outer Packaging:
  • The outside packaging provides a mounting template and a dedicated area for product identification and shipping labels.
  • Components are packaged consistently on the right side of the box, which allows for easy access to hardware and components.
  • The operator slides out of the box rather than lifting out.
  • Our technical support and customer service telephone number is printed on the operator label easily found on the control box cover.


Rugged Frames:

  • Rugged frames have been designed with computer-aided stress analysis to optimize rigidity.

Precision Ball Bearings:

  • Precision ball bearings are used on both the output and clutch shafts to increase the lifetime.

Corrosion Protection:

  • Frames (or reducer) and control enclosures are protected by baked-on, long-lasting enamel finish.
  • Yellow chromate-coated shafts are used on most models, which last longer that white chromate-coated shafts.

Indestructible Rotary-Type Limit Switch System:

  • Oil impregnated steel cams (instead of plastic cams) and commercial-grade switched are used to prevent leaver breakage when the limits have been exceeded during manual operation.

Lifetime Tested and 100% Controlled in Production:

  • All of our operators are designed and qualified on our lifetime testing benches to exceed the requirements of the industry.
  • Quality control tests are performed on every operator at the end of the production line.

Six Sigma Approach:

  • Manaras-Opera uses a Six Sigma approach to design and manufacturing, resulting in numerous advantages over other commercial operator manufacturers on the market.


Our operators are available with an electronic control board or with a contactor circuit (hardwired).
Various options are available:

  • ECB Units ~ BOARD 070
    • BOARD 070 is the evolution of Intelligent Engineering.
    • On-board radio receiver is standard on all ECB equipped operators.
    • Troubleshooting and maintenance are made easier due to a cleverly designed ergonomic interface and informative diagnostic LEDs.
    • On-board push-buttons and a rotary selection dial simplify the process of programming and controlling the door.
    • The ECB is available with or without the option of electrical control for MONITORED external entrapment protection devices (UL325 compliant), it's your preference.
  • Multi-Function 24V Control Circuit
    • Equipped with a 24VAC control circuit, 40VA class II transformer.
    • Fuse protected on output, heavy-duty across-the-line linear reversing contactor with a mechanical interlock.
    • Pre-wired for connection of a 3-button stations, sensing edges, photo-cells, push-button radio control receivers, and other auxiliary control equipment.


All of our operators undergo rigorous testing by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), such as UL and CSA.

  • To bear a NRTL mark, the product has met the laboratory's given requirements. The requirements are voluntary, consensus-based, nationally recognized standards.


Operator Flip Box
Pillow Block Bearings
Radio Control
Electronic Control Board
Photoelectric Cells





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