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Jackshaft Operators
Trolley Operators
Sliding Door Operators
Separate Control Panels

Jackshaft Operators are used on any door with a shaft, sprockets and chain as a driving element. They can be installed on high lift, vertical lift, but also on specially adapted standard lift sectional doors or rolling doors and grilles. They are usually mounted on either side of the door.

For detailed specifications
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Medium Duty

Medium Duty
w/Patented Self-Engaging Hoist

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty
w/Patented Self-Engaging Hoist

Heavy Duty
w/Patented Self-Engaging Hoist &
Floor Level Disconnect

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty
Gear Head w/Patented Self-Engaging Hoist

Very Heavy Duty
Gear Head
Use the Operator Type Selection Chart below to select the proper operator required according to the type of door you want to motorize, the type of usage the door will perform and the mechanical reduction required.

(1) Not recommended for Multiblade Doors (2) Jackshaft operators can be used on specially adapted Standard Lift Sectional Doors

Features & Benefits:
Build to last, installer and user friendly

To match the needs of most projects

A large range of control, protection and mechanical accessories

Understanding our Operator Codes and learn about our Tracking Database


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