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Serial Numbers

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How are our serial numbers assigned and to what?

Our serial numbers are assigned by: year, month, day, and sequential number. Example: serial number 090804022 identifies that the product was "born" in the year 2009 (09), in the eighth month (08), on the fourth day of that month (04), and it was the 22nd (022) product to be manufactured that day.

Serial numbers are allocated to manufactured goods; garage door operators and control panels.

Why is the operator or panel’s serial number important?

A serial number is a unique number assigned to our operators and panels for identification purposes. From the serial number, Manaras-Opera has complete traceability. Our unique tracking system can identify the following information:

  • The order number
  • The recipe number
  • The product code
  • The production date
  • The lot of components used; electronic control board vs hardwired, modifications, hardware, etc…
  • The client information; p.o. number, etc…

The serial numbers are also valuable to our quality control department in order for us to track which components are used in manufacturing the product.

Technical support and the serial number, why is it important?

The serial number is extremely important when calling to speak with one of our technical support specialists. By providing our technical support specialists with the serial number, they can quickly identify the basic production parameters of that specific operator or panel. This will enable them to properly identify and troubleshoot your impediment.

How to find the serial number of your Manaras-Opera operator or panel?

There are several places where you’ll be able to find your operator or panel serial number:

** If you need additional information, please contact our Customer Service Department, or send us an email to:

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