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Commercial and Industrial Garage Door Operator Products

Manaras-Opera specializes in commercial and industrial applications.
Our expertise enables us to design and manufacture all of our products to be of the highest quality and durability, in order to withstand the toughest applications. Our comprehensive selection of commercial and industrial garage door operators includes jackshafts, trolleys, gear heads, and sliding door operators for medium and heavy-duty applications. View our Operator Selection Guide.

Our product line also includes a wide range of modifications, entrapment protection devices, control accessories, as well as customized products providing solutions for your commercial and industrial applications. We are proud to offer the most reliable and innovative products under a strong and recognized brand name.

Manaras-Opera's Operators are Compliant to ANSI/CAN/UL325
The ANSI/CAN/UL325 requirements for Commercial Door Operators have been revised. CDO's bearing the UL325 mark include monitoring of an external entrapment protection device (photoelectric cells or sensing edge)
or must function in constant-pressure-to-close.

Product Selection
Jackshaft Opener
Jackshaft Operators
Jackshaft operators are used on any door with a shaft, sprockets and chain as the driving elements. Available for medium, heavy-duty commercial and heavy-duty industrial applications.
Trolley Opener

Trolley Operators
Trolley operators are designed to open and close standard lift doors as the carriage is driven back and forth on the horizontal operator track. Available for medium, heavy-duty commercial, heavy-duty industrial and apartment applications.

Sliding Door Opener

Sliding Door Operators
Sliding door operators are designed for use on single and bi-parting sliding doors. Available for heavy-duty commercial and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Separate Control Panels

Separate Control Panels
Separate control panels are used when there is a need for the operator control circuit to be housed at a remote location from the operator.

Operator Type Selection

To assist you in selecting the right Manaras-Opera operator model for your specific application, please consult the user-friendly Operator Type Selection Chart below.

Select your operator based on:
  • the type of door you want to motorize
  • the type of usage the door will perform
  • the mechanical reduction require

  • Operator Model Selection Chart


Features & Benefits, Modifications and Accessories

Features & Benefits
Build to last, installer and user friendly


To match the needs of most projects


A large range of control, protection and mechanical accessories




Understanding our Operator Codes and learn about our Tracking Database.

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